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Gifts to my Kids

yesterday i went to gym for a 30 min run…i am thankful that i’ve it.
initially i was feeling like not to go….then i think our life we have many things that we cant turn back…like our health
exercise is something important but not urgent…we can choose not to do today, and keep on waiting for tomorrow & tomorrow, but for sure it will hit us one day somehow rather…
we can give many things to our kids-money, house, education, etc..
but one of the best thing ever that we can give is a healthy parent…that can accompany them a long long way….
thank you for everything i have today!!

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Believe it, and you will get it!!

5th Oct 2010
Interesting one from Rhonda Byrne ‘The Secret Scroll’ today…
Just last week I talked to one colleague about ‘The Secret’ book, and she kept on saying she can’t believe that just by imaging the things you dream of, then you’ll get it…
And in fact, if you look back to The Law of Attraction..the step is also ask you to believe – truly believe you’ll get it only…and have a good feeling of receiving it, but just forget about ‘how’ you are going to get it…..remember the step #3-keep on telling yourselves you are in progress to achieve it…leave the ‘how’ to the universe. We are in progress to attract all the knowledge, skill, experience, people & network to reach there…
That’s why I keep on sharing with friends I have great feeling when imaging me, my elder & younger girl come out from our classes in one of the Japanese university (most probably is Hokaiddo University) in one cloudy afternoon, meet up in the university garden, preparing to go home together, and my hubby is waiting for all of us to be back home…’s truly great…..
Another one is the great feeling of having my own books-become a famous author…millions of copies been sold world wide…Recently I’m just thinking of what can I leave for my girls after I leave this world…what knowledge I want to pass down to them…what lovely poems I can to reserve for them……….great books I want to pass down to them…
Many many great things I will have in my life………and only by start imaging them, believing they are coming to me…..having great feeling when the pictures pop up in mind…the frequency matchs…and they appear…
And law of gratitude will grant me power in my life….
Thanks for the great moment I have today…find back one of my old friend…thank you!!
How about yours?

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I love the say of :our joy and our lives lived fully uplifts the world.(from the Law of attraction)
I still remember that there is a say that when you are in good condition only then you are able to give-let’s say when you are at the bottom of the mountain, and you want to push someone to up-is this harder compared when you are already up there to pull some one is easier? Of course is pull from the top is easier.
another example is you want to rescue someone from a fire, you need to ensure you are fit to do so….
So, live our lives with gratitude…then this will enable us to give more to others…and believe me, the more we give the more we receive..
when pray for the safe & peace & health for our family members, pray for more & more your loved one…and just imagine how GReat when you receive so many same sincere blessings from hearts on you!!

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This is good!! Grab it!!

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Let’s talk a bit about appreciation today. I like this article from Jack:
Practice Uncommon Appreciation
by Jack Canfield
A recent management study revealed that 46% of employees leaving a company do so because they feel unappreciated; 61% said their bosses don’t place much importance on them as people; and 88% said they don’t receive acknowledgement for the work they do.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, teacher, parent, coach or simply a friend, if you want to be successful with other people, you must master the art of appreciation.
I’ve never known anyone to complain about receiving too much positive feedback. Have you? In fact, just the opposite is true.
Consider this: Every year, a management consulting firm conducts a survey with 200 companies on the subject on what motivates employees. When given a list of 10 possible things that would most motivate them, the employees always list appreciation as the number-one motivator.
Managers and supervisors ranked appreciation number eight. This is a major mismatch, as the chart below so clearly shows.
10 Ways to Really Motivate an Employee
• Appreciation
• Feeling “in” on things
• Understanding attitude
• Job security
• Good wages
• Interesting work
• Promotional opportunities
• Loyalty from management
• Good working conditions
• Tactful discipline Supervisors

• Good Wages
• Job Security
• Promotional Opportunities
• Good working conditions
• Interesting work
• Loyalty from management
• Tactful discipline
• Appreciation
• Understanding attitude
• Feeling “in” on things
Notice that the top three motivators for employees don’t cost anything, just a few moments of time, respect and understanding.
Keeping Score
When I first learned about the power of appreciation, it made total sense to me. However, it was still something that I forgot to do. I hadn’t yet turned it into a habit.
A valuable technique that I employed to help me lock in this new habit was to carry a 3” x 5” card in my pocket all day, and every time I acknowledged and appreciated someone, I would place a check mark on the card. I would not allow myself to go to bed until I had appreciated 10 people. If it was late in the evening and I didn’t have 10 check marks, I would appreciate my wife and children, I would send an e-mails to several of my staff, or I would write a letter to my mother or stepfather.
I did whatever it took until it became an unconscious habit. I did this every single day for 6 months—until I no longer needed the card to remind me.
Appreciation as a Secret of Success
Another important reason for being in a state of appreciation as often as possible is that when you are in such a state, you are in one of the highest emotional states possible.
When you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude, you are in a state of abundance. You are appreciating what you do have instead of focusing on, and complaining about, what you don’t have. Your focus is on what you have received… and you always get more of what you focus on.
And because the law of attraction states that like attracts like, the more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract, and the grateful you will feel. It becomes an upward-spiraling process of ever-increasing abundance that just keeps getting better and better.
Think about it. The more grateful people are for the gifts we give them, the more inclined we are to give them more gifts. Their gratitude and appreciation reinforces our giving. The same principle holds true on a universal and spiritual level as it does on an interpersonal level.
I challenge you to discover ways to immediately appreciate someone in your life, starting today! Try my “card-in-the-pocket” idea, or come up with something on your own. The important thing to do is do something! Try appreciating on for size. I know you’ll see and feel huge results from doing so.
For more tips and suggestions on how you, too, can find ways to appreciate those in your life, read Prinicple 53 in The Success Principles.

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul© and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you’re ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at:
In fact, all these align back to these a few fundamental rules (as per the law of attraction):
-Give and you shall receive
-Appreciate what you have, and you are going to have more
And this list goes on…so write down what you appreciate today, who you are gratitude for today…and from the deepest in your heart, say “thank you”, “thank you”, and “thank you”!!
Last Tuesday & Wednesday I was conducting auditor training, and the trainees are from one same team. And to keep the class always awake (hopefully my class is not boring), the boss, who was in the class too, bought a few packs of sweets to distribute to the class. In the second day, another manager, who was is the class too, distribute moon cake, which was given by supplier, to the class too. Though it’s not big deal, but I really wish that the staff of these 2 managers will really appreciate what the managers did. It’s not every manager will do these kind of little actions, though it will only take a few ringgits. In fact, I have an idea to buy some sweets/candy during conducting class, to encourage more communication with the class (by giving the little gifts when they can answer questions), but haven’t done till today (haha, of course, one of the reason I’m not a full time trainer…I’m just an engineer..haha). So when I see this, I feel appreciated on behalf of the trainee, but I don’t know what they feel…..and I believe these 2 bosses are going further for their career path….they know how to motivate their staff, and appreciate them…
So do you appreciate your boss enough so that you ‘ll receive back the appreciation too…?
Have a nice day!!

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Club Med Trip

Finally back to job after having 1 week plus holiday, 4 days 3 nights at Club Med, Cherating, and the remaining days at Puchong.

It’s great holiday at Club Med, though I need to take care my both kids, not enjoying much at my own end. My conclusions on this place are:

  1. If you are the person that lazy to look for eating place, and not too choosy for food, yet enjoying food a lot, this is the place – their buffet included Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Western, Malay/spicy food, to my level, is above average buffet style. There is another restaurant where we can call for ala-cart dishes, but we didn’t go there. (and I believe buffer is more preferred, as it near the swimming, and the drink area-where you can freely to get some cocktail drinks (I can’t try as I’m still breastfeed my girl…)
  2. If you have kids who are in the age from 2 to 10 year-old, they can have their own activities by joining either petty club (2 to 3, need to pay), mini club (4 to 6) and teen ages club. With this, you both husband and wife can free up to join some activities they organized, or on your own activities.

Other than that, not much things-the beach is not really attractive, and no one will swim there. The hotel is just ok…..all are wooden built. However, for me, as the kids are still small, I’m ok with this, though it’s not cheap. But, after every holiday trip, I found my kids grow up more, as this is family trip with my brothers-in-law, sister-in-law and my father-in-law, four families. They mixed around, saw more things, explore more things. They really enjoyed.

And some gain for myself is I decided to buy a new swimming suit-haha, after delivered 2 kids, of course the shape and the weight all up-side-down. However, thanks God that I’m in progress to get back to slimmer size. Believe it or not, I am imagine myself go back to slimmest that I can-54kgs. Believe it & accepting it, imagine it & feel it – and it’s really great to stay fit and slim, and healthy!!

Remember the rule of law of attraction!!

Gratitude today: thank you for this great holiday!!

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Club Med Trip

I have a great time at Club Med in early September

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Thank You

have you ever thank the bed you sleep on? i’ll feel grateful in every morning when i saw my 2 lovely girls sleeping posture & their sweet face….and of course my lovely hubby who sleeps beside my elder.

thanks God that we have a peaceful, safe day, healthy & happy family!! thanks God i secured a job i’m happy with and have a good boss.

and i’m in progress to get the best health and health control for myself and my family members (law of attraction)

and i’m in progress to get financial freedom……

thank you that i heard more comments that i slim down…….thank you that i pass my insurance exam last week (a lucky pass with C grade for 2 papers…)

and how great when the pictures of slim & fit comes to my mind….and me & my 2 girls are in one of the Japanese university to study..and the picture of my hubby is waiting for all of us for lunch or dinner in Japan….(this is my dream)

thank you for hearing one collegaeu taking Japanese language exam today….perhaps after insurance exam…next exam in my life is to continue my level 2 Japanese language exam…..if i’m able to make it thru for my insurance one…why not next one…? might be CFP, might be level 2 japanese language…

and when i heard some no good news from some mothers that their kids are sick, i would like to pray for them for fast recovery…and i am grateful for my girls health!! Again, thank you!!

how about you? what is your ‘thank you’ today?

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Top 8 Estate Planning Mistakes

This is from the web above, and I would summarize the main 2 things it talks about is Will planning & Insurance planning.

It’s worth reading!!

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Have your Gratitude List Today!!

The celebration of CNY has almost come to the end and everybody starts to be back to work.

New year new ambition..what is yours?

I have been start receiving ‘the secret roll’ everyweek from the author, and you can do so by subscrubing from ‘The Secret’ also. One of my main objective of this year is to be a consistent writer…until i managed to write a book for my next generation.

So, what is my gratitude list for today? I feel great that my girls start to recover from sick, and I’m greatful I’m healthy & happy today. When we have kids…the only and most important thing in life is the entire family healthy & happy, this is the most appreciation I have in life. But the gratitude list still goes on….. And I continue to give back to society, and i’m greatful i really start to do some charity!! Always remember to give and we shall receive!!

Look at to what you have around you today, and start to be grateful about that, change your energy and frequency, then even Tiger year is not good for you you will still able to turn it become a good year!!

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